Communication Design

Our design team is familiar with wireless and wired communication design. Whether your project needs battery-powered, low-energy, periodic data collection, or more bandwidth-intensive information transfer, we can help you scale the solution to your needs.

Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) Bands

We are familiar with all the major ISM communication products and custom chipsets for low-power wireless solutions. We specialize in optimizing the use of ISM bandwidth for minimum transmit power and maximum battery life. Our decades of experience with ultra-low-power microcontrollers allows us to perform an entire system design that combines the best of wireless, firmware and battery management.

Amateur Radio Bands

Have an idea for a new amateur radio project or protocol, especially for assistance with emergency services? Our team now contains four FCC Amateur Extra licensees, the highest level of licensing available in this class. Whether it is an adaptation of low-power QRP designs, or a beefy mobile or fixed station, we can help. Our expertise in firmware and digital designs allows us to adapt our ISM protocol experience to new and unique amateur radio combinations.

Wired Communication Products

Our same expertise that allows robust, forward error correction communication over the air can help with specialty wired connections in noisy environments, including industrial floor sensor networks and down-hole drilling sensors.

Our first wired communication product, the field phone host module, is now available for purchase.

Also, stay tuned for more unique wired communication solutions, available soon.

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Amateur Radio Solutions Available
Our development staff now includes Amateur Extra radio FCC licensees, increasing the breadth of our existing wireless development services.
Posted: 12 Nov 2015
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