Welcome Farm Show readers! Click here for the field phone system described in the article. Please note that the text description in the article is incorrect. The photo accompanying the article, reflecting the items shown on the FPOK4 product page, is a correct display of the items which ship with this kit. The PDF of the issue will be updated soon on Farm Show's website. Thank you for your patience!

SoftBaugh is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for specialty products, and assists other OEMs with their own product designs. Our capabilities include firmware, software, electronic hardware design, wireless communication, and some mechanical prototyping.

Please choose one of these links to visit the area that contains the solution you need, or contact us for more information on how SoftBaugh can provide rapid solutions for your unique needs.

 Product development services to assist you in your own product designs. With support for electronic designs, firmware, host software, wireless, and 3D prototyping, we can help you get a functional prototype in your hands quickly.

 Segmented LCDs are popular options for low-power applications. Or let us help you design your own custom LCD.

 Specialty security products help keep your home or business secure. Industrial-level protection at a fraction of the cost of other competing brands.

 Communication devices for wireless or wired applications. Wireless options include ISM, FRS, and Amateur Radio bands. Our staff includes numerous Amateur Extra FCC-licensed developers.

 Energy solutions for off-grid and emergency applications. Limited service area for some options.

 Online store for most of our OEM products.

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Our New Small Business Blog
Practical small business tips and anecdotes.
Posted: 23 Feb 2017
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Amateur Radio Solutions Available
Our development staff now includes Amateur Extra radio FCC licensees, increasing the breadth of our existing wireless development services.
Posted: 12 Nov 2015
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